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Custom Strength Training Equipment

Connor Sports Strength & Conditioning Equipment provides a custom look with custom stability. Our products are engineered in partnership with strength coaches to meet the needs of todays performance athletes. Contact us to get more information on our products today.

• Stainless steel chalk bowl

• Storage for additional chalk, straps, bands, medicine ball, etc.

• Stable base to decrease bowl from tipping

• Made with oak plywood, twice as strong as typical store bought material

• Optional school/strength logo

• Weighted base to prevent tipping

• Able to store book bags, medicine balls, weight lifting shoes, etc.

• Organize foam rollers off the floor and out of the way

• Built in air flow vents allow foam rollers to dry

• Optional school/strength logo

• Store midicine balls and stability balls off the ground in an orderly fashion

• Hangers are strong and adjustable

* Organize bands, jump ropes, chains, battle ropes all in the same area

• Optional school/strength logo

• Durable and stable wood training surface

• Flush floor surface for multiple purpose use

• Custom school/strength logo

• Comes in .75" and 1"

• Made with oak plywood, twice as strong as typical store bought material

• Multiple interior layouts to custom fit your equipment

• Doors allow for equipment to disappear when closed

• Makes rooms look professional for recruiting

• Heavy duty cart and casters

• Diamond plate steel to protect corners and edges from scrapes and dents

• Aggressive look

• Easily transfer equipment from one side of the room to the other or from the weight room to the field

• Max weight capacity: 1000 lbs.

• Durable steel cart for organization of cleaning supplies

• Optional detachable laundry bag for easy cleaning 






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