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When you win back to back national championships, you want to make sure your athletes are playing on the court that can best prepare them for March Madness, so the Florida Gators selected Connor.

QuickLock Portable | Event Basketball Court

Most basketball courts are installed inside, protected from the elements. But when the military called and need a basketball court for an aircraft carrier, we answered. 

Portable Arena Flooring

Champions Play on Connor Sports QuickLock Systems

When arena operators are looking for a new basketball court, they choose Connor Sports QuickLock portable basketball floors more than any other system. Designed to meet the demands of your arena, convention center or stadium, the QuickLock portable basketball court will provide over 15 years of performance.

We understand that your facility frequently installs and removes its sports flooring. For that reason, our engineers designed the QuickLock system to lessen labor costs and cut down on maintenance. We offer traditional and zipper floor configurations and pinned and pinless systems.  In fact, we worked directly with the NBA, NCAA, and FIBA to design and test our system.

Which QuickLock System is right for you?


QuickLock portable floor systems provide easy alignment and quick assembly and are perfect for multi-purpose arenas that house everything from hoops to hockey. QuickLock is the official floor of the NCAA® Final Four® basketball tournaments.

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A completely integrated modular sports floor system. Quicklock RF uses detachable bolted on fasteners to secure the floor together. These fasteners give the floor permanent characteristics and still leaves the option of taking.


A portable sports floor system incorporating easy alignment and quick assembly. Quicklock Lite features include concealed panel anchorage, 2 x 4 pine sleepers and a Hook and Close pin-less attachment system.

Gallery of Arena Flooring

Permanent Wood Flooring

Champions Compete on Connor Sports
Connor Sports permanent hardwood sports floors are engineered with the players and facilities in mind. From basketball courts, volleyball courts, gymnasiums, handball courts, futsal pitches, aerobics & dance floor, Connor Sports offers solutions that work for you.

Permanent Systems

Fixed Resilient Systems
+ Resiliency, + Stability
Combines the stabilizing benefits of anchored subfloors and the resiliency of floating systems. The wide arrays of fixed resilient floors help fit your particular activities, level of play, budget and facility size.
GreenPlay, RezillChannel-01, Alliance, Uniforce, RezillChannel, PermaFlex, Focus, S-Channel, ARS Din, Smartstep

Fixed Systems
- Resiliency, + Stability
Fixed systems are mechanically fastened to the concrete substrate, providing a stable subfloor system. As a result, these systems offer outstanding buckle resistance, but provide minimal resilience.
PowerStrip, PermaLock

Floating Systems
+ Resiliency, - Stability
Floating systems rest freely without anchorage to a concrete substrate. Different combinations of pad and subfloor designs provide varying levels of resiliency. True subfloor components and various elastomeric pads, these system’s key benefits is shock absorption and resiliency, however, they do not provide the stability of fixed resilient systems.

RezillPanel, NeoShok, SportBond Plus DIN, RezillFlex, DuraCushion I, RezillSleeper, RezillLock, DuraCushion II, PermaFlex, Retroflex, DuraCushionIII

Connor Sports difference

  • Athlete Safety: Our competitive systems are DIN 2001 certified, to ensure athlete safety.
  • Facility Minded: We are the only sports flooring manufacturer to STEM test our floors. This assures the facility conditions won’t buckle the floor and that the system will stand the test of time…bleachers rolling and players playing.
  • Quality Commitment: We are the only MFMA mill that is ISO certified. This is an assurance to our customer that we will deliver consistent quality.
  • Value Engineered:  We custom design each floor to meet your budget and sport needs.


Vinyl Sports Flooring

Connor Sports Flooring Vinyl solutions offer an easy to clean and maintain solution for gymnasiums and fitness facilities. Vinyl floors cushioned designs offer ultimate shock absorption, while maintaining ball bounce aspects.  Contact Us to find out how they can be “performance customized” to meet your athletic requirements and budget.

Featured Products
Sport Grain Plus
Provides consistent force reduction values with maximum ball rebound for improved performance. SportGrain PlusTM is the ONLY cushioned vinyl flooring product manufactured in one continuous production process and is the easiest floor to keep clean.

Elasti Plus
Offering superior wear resistance, ElastiPlus is engineered to offer a consistent balance between good shock absorbency and fast play while preventing fatigue. At the same time, they are low maintenance and designed with high deformation recovery and absorb sound.


Vulcanized Rubber Surfaces

Connor high quality resilient flooring systems are ideal for both Sporting applications. Fitness and recreation installations include indoor and outdoor tracks, as well as gymnasiums, weight and multi-purpose rooms in facilities ranging from elementary and high schools to colleges, universities and fitness clubs across the nation.

Featured Products
Designed for safe, comfortable injury free training and competition. ProTraxx provides a resilient, shock. The highly weather resistant, exceptionally durable material also provides excellent "traction" with its non-slip texture and spike resistant running surface.

An environmentally friendly material with excellent shock and sound absorption, TruSport is well suites for basketball, volleyball, aerobics, child care areas, student assemblies and general activities.

Designed for safe, comfortable injury free training and competition. PowerDek is a high performance rubber athletic surface that is ideal for high impact and heavy traffic. Formulated to rebound from the impact of free weights.


Recycled Rubber Flooring

Recycled Rubber flooring is the perfect solution for those seeking a surface that is environmentally friendly and will withstand the toughest of demands. Connor Sports uses recycled rubber for locker rooms, weight rooms and other field house needs.

The durability of polymeric recycled rubber and colored EPDM granules, these surfaces withstand the toughest demands.

Strength & Conditioning Equipment

Connor Sports Strenght & Conditioning Equipment provides a custom look with custom stability. Our products are engineered in partnership with Hammer Strength to meet the needs of todays performance athletes. Contact us to get more information on our products today.

Weight Platforms: built to provide athletes a stable platform and prevent wear and tear to the flooring underneath.

Plyoboxes: Give athletes the ideal step-up location, our custom plyoboxes feature adjustable heights and custom logos.

Storage Equipment: Make sure your ropes, medicine balls and cones have a home, with our custom-built equipment storage systems, your weight room will have a professional look.



Connor Sports has custom accessories to compliment your courts or tracks purchase.
Court Cover
This high-performance, portable floor cover system incorporates easy alignment, quick assembly and reduced storage requirements. Unique features include non-marking thermoplastic backing, highly stain resistant surface and excellent sound absorption. Transform your gymnasium into a high-end meeting space and make use of your largest assembly area without worrying about damaging your investment in the hardwood court.

Court Cover Light
Most hardwood floors are multi-purpose. So your floor has to hold up to a lot more than sports – dances, concerts, graduations, and other activities. It gets heavy foot traffic, stains, scuffs, impact from furniture and more. CourtCover Light is built tough to protect your investment and add years to the life of your floor.

PortaFloor PRO
Rollable solutions that are engineered to provide a strong event surfaces, protecting tracks, courts and fields. Its treads connect to create a seamless surface and its built-in positive locking mechanism makes install time quick and easy. It is made from polypropylene materials and is 100% recyclable and designed to support today’s zero footprint and green initiatives.


Stage Flooring

Champions of Art

For years theaters have been placing sports flooring systems under their stages to create a resilient stage that protects actors and dancers during rigorous performances.  Connor Sports stage systems are custom created for the theater to deliver the performance your troop needs and the aesthetics theater goers expect.

Featured Installation:

Featured Systems:

Contact Us for more information on Connor Sports stage flooring.





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