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"We love your floor! The players and coaches have thoroughly enjoyed the softness and the flexibility of it."

Homer Drew
Head Coach (retired)
Valparasio University

Hardwood Sports and Gym Flooring

Champions Compete on Connor Sports

Connor Sports permanent and portable hardwood sports surfaces are engineered with the players and facilities in mind. From basketball courts, volleyball courts, gymnasiums, handball courts, futsal pitches, aerobics & dance floor, Connor Sports offers solutions that work for you.

Connor Sports Difference

  • Champions of Sport: We partner with the leading athletic institutions to test our floors and our competitive systems are DIN 2001 certified, to ensure athlete safety.
  • Champions of Enviornment: We use FSC lumber plus we are the only sports flooring manufacturer to have EPDs and STEM test our floors. This assures the facility conditions won’t buckle the floor and that the system will stand the test of time, not ending up in a landfill. 
  • Champions of Customers: We are the only MFMA mill that is ISO certified. This is an assurance to our customer that we will deliver consistent quality. Plus we value engineer by designing each floor to meet your budget and sports needs. Come visit a design and performance system to start your project today.
  • Champions of Community:  We believe it's important to support athletes both on and off the court. That's why we support the Peace Games, an initative to stop gang violence by getting kids on the court, through our Connor Sports Cares initiative. 



Focus is a resilient anchored gym flooring system that's Patented Athletic Response Ridge enhances play for athletic activities while engineered for heavy non-athletic loading. It is ideal for coaches and facilities seeking performance and cushion for athletes with versitility for the facility.

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Green Play is the only sports flooring on the market with a Patented 100% Post-Consumer Recycled Subfloor. Green Play's material design helps it withstand a higher variation of enviornmental conditions and its Patented Athletic Response Ridge gives athletes the high performance play they want out of a performance hardwood surface. 

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VIP ll

A sports floor system providing the stability of an anchored floor with the resiliency of a floating floor providing high shock absorption and basketball rebound uniformity. It's pattented Connor Sports construction includes Two Layer Vibration Isolation Panels, Patented Athletic Response Ridge, and Patented Pad design directly under the maple. 

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VIP is the original Vibration Isolation floor by Connor Sports. VIP's Unique Vibration Isolation Panels create consistent ball response and cut down on vibration back to the athletes, helping keep them safe on the court and playing longer. 

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A portable sports floor system incorporating easy alignment and quick assembly. QuickLock features include concealed panel anchorage, laminated sleepers, and interlocking tongue and groove.

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Connor Sports' newest permanent resilient floor that allows users to optimize their desired level of resiliency and stability, providing a custom floor for each gymnasium floor.   Customization options include padding, anchoring, sleeper spacing, wedging and numerous other items.  

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Excellent value for an anchored sports flooring system. It provides adjustable performance levels to help meet your facilities needs. 

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Want to learn about what makes a floor a floor? Every hardwood court is comprised of different material and constructed differently. Giving it different characteristics. All sports flooring systems are catagorized by how they are affixed to the floor and how much cushion is applied. Click on the below drop downs to learn what type of resiliency and stability the courts have, then ask your sales rep what type of system he's recommending for you! 

Portable Systems


+ Resiliency, + Stability
Portable Systems are designed to meet the demands of arenas, convention centers and stadiums looking for portable hardwood sports flooring. Our QuickLock portable sports floors will provide over 15 years of performance and are designed for frequent install and removal. Portable systems come in traditional and zipper floor configurations and pinned and pinless systems. In fact, we work directly with the NBA, NCAA, and FIBA to design and test our system.


+ Resiliency, + Stability
Combines the stabilizing benefits of anchored subfloors and the resiliency of floating systems. The wide arrays of fixed resilient surfaces help fit your particular activities, level of play, budget and facility size.


+ Resiliency, - Stability
Floating systems rest freely without anchorage to a concrete substrate. Different combinations of pad and subfloor designs provide varying levels of resiliency. True subfloor components and various elastomeric pads, these system’s key benefits is shock absorption and resiliency, however, they do not provide the stability of fixed resilient systems.


- Resiliency, + Stability
Fixed systems are mechanically fastened to the concrete substrate, providing a stable subfloor system. As a result, these systems offer outstanding buckle resistance, but provide minimal resilience.





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