The Numbers Behind the #OfficialCourt of the 2017 NCAA® Final Four

1 years ago

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E = mc². Absolute Zero. Numbers have long been a form of fascination and most professions are chock full of numbers that have relevance only to those on the inside.

As the Official Court Provider of the NCAA®, Connor Sports employees - from the research and development to the manufacturing mill to the installation technician - all have a set of numbers they use when developing, building and installing a court.

70’ x 140’  

The dimensions of the #OfficialCourt of Men’s Final Four. The Final Four court larger than a typically basketball surface. The over-sized court creates a safe “run-off” area for student-athlete safety since the courts are installed on an approximately two and ½ foot raised platform in a Football stadium.

24,000 Acres

The overall size of The Nature Conservancy’s Two Hearted River Forest Reserve in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula where approximately 500 trees were harvested for the Men’s and Women’s Final Four courts in an area of 35 acres, leaving roughly 6,500 trees standing. The open areas allow the forest to diversify, becoming healthier, and the remaining trees continue to provide a host of benefits to both people and nature.


Connor Sports employees 110 people at their Mill in tiny Amasa, MI, providing valuable timber industry- related jobs in an area rich in lumber history and lore. The Michigan timber industry contributes more than $15 billion in impact to local and regional economies.

42,000+ Miles

Over 42,000 miles or 10 round trips from Key West, FL to Nome, AK is the distance traveled delivering Connor Sports basketball courts to NCAA Men’s and Women’s tournament sites.

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