Largest Boys and Girls Club Court in the United States Built at Ralph Wilson Youth Club

3 years ago

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The largest Boys and Girls Club basketball court in the United States, totaling 15,000 square feet, was installed by Long Flooring this month at the Ralph Wilson Youth Club (RWYC) in Temple, TX. The square footage of the new RWYC basektball court is impressive but the mission RWYC will carry out on the basketball court is even more astounding.  

Since 1965 the RWYC has provided an environment that gives boys and girls of Temple, TX and surrounding areas the opportunity to share educational, social and recreational experiences. These experinces are offered to all youth regardless of ethnical or religious backgrounds as they develop the ability to be independent and active members of the community. RWYC’s commitment to the community resonates with Connor Sports and we admire how they united to carry on their mission by building a new RWYC court and facility.

In 2013, the old RWYC was demolished due to a highway expansion. RWYC seized this as an opportunity to improve and expand their community offerings. With the help of donations RWYC was able to build Three Centers of Excellence that host programs on education, recreation and athletics.


Ralph Wilson Youth Club  Floor Layout

                                                                                                      Layout of the Ralph Wilson Youth Club


The Athletic Center of Excellence, which houses the United States’ largest hardwood court, will be used for before-school, after-school and sports league programming. Just seeing the new hardwood court where these activities will take place is giving chills to community members, “Everyone who has toured our new gymnasium is in awe of the beautiful hardwood courts. Last year, our Athletic Director of 38 years, Randy Helcel, retired. He came by for a visit and tour. He walked into the gym and it almost brought him to tears. All he could say was “Wow!”.  That is the type reaction we get day after day,” said Charlie Kimmey, Executive Director of Ralph Wilson Youth Club of Temple.

The addition of a start of the art hardwood basketball court is much needed. In 2014 the RWYC had a 66 team basketball program with over 550 kids participating. They were running this league with no gym! Thanks to caring community partners the program was still able to function while the new building was being constructed.

This year, the RWYC is anticipating a record breaking season for their basketball program, “Our 2016 basketball season kicks off January 9th and I can’t wait to hear the basketballs bouncing on that beautiful court,” said Kimmey, “We anticipate 80-100 teams this year and what Kodak moments the new facility will provide for our Central Texas youth.”

Building this record breaking basketball court is testament of RWYC’s love of their local community and their commitment to the children and families they serve. As Champions of Community, Connor Sports is proud to support a community who puts children first.  Connor Sports echos the community’s pride by providing a state of the art basketball court to a youth center dedicated to cultivating independent and responsible community members. 

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