Debunking Myths About Pre-Fab Running Surfaces 

3 years ago

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As Champions of Customers, we believe in educating decision makers so they can make the best purchase possible. This is why we're separating facts from fiction.
Myth 1: Athletes can’t train daily on Pre-Fab because of the hard surface.
Fact 1: In independent tests, Pre-Fab has a higher force reduction than Poured Urethane (40% ProTraxx (a Pre-Fab surface) to 35% Poured Urethane). 
Myth 2: Pre-Fab does not work well in areas with extreme climates.
Fact 2: ProTraxx has elongation to break of 200% vs. Poured Urethane of 40%. This means ProTraxx will not telegraph cracks in base materials when installed in extreme climates as easy as a Poured Urethane. ProTraxx can survive weather conditions ranging from the extreme heat at the University of Texas-El Paso to the high humidity at Cartersville High School in Georgia.
Other advantages of ProTraxx (Pre-Fab) over Poured Urethane
1.) ProTraxx is made in controlled environment ensuring that environmental conditions at the installation will not affect the end product.
2.)  ProTraxx surfaces provide a uniform performance because they are manufactured in a facility with uniform depth.
3.)  ProTraxx is easier to maintain and more cost effective than Poured Urethane. Poured Urethane requires 1mm – 2mm of replacement top coating every 5-7 years. This is due to Poured Urethane’s low elongation which causes telegraph cracking of base material. If the top coating is not replaced, cracks will come up to the top of the running surface. This cracking doesn’t happen with ProTraxx, making replacement top coatings unnecessary and the surface more cost effective over a 20-year lifecycle.


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