#CourtsideStories with Connor Sports: On Court Experience

4 years ago

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As a kid you may have dreamed of playing for a World Cup...the feel of the court under your feet, the lights up, the fans cheering, the ball leaving your hand and connecting with the court, the game winning basket...but few ever get to experience it.

This is a time for us to showcase to our key customers how a Connor Hardwood Basketball Court can perform, and a few of our lucky guests received a hands on experience. They got to play on the FIBA Basketball World Cup - Basketball Court, aka #Spain2014 #OfficialCourt. This VIP experience let them see the court and arena from the players perspective...and they loved it. 

FIBA officials met us at the door and escorted us onto the floor.  We had a 30 minute window between the end of the last of the morning practices and the beginning of preparations for the first game.  First we had time to shoot around, then photos, then a little tour and explanation of the making of the World Cup court.  

The customers were already familiar with our literature and had seen the samples, but said "It was an overwhelming sensation to stand at center court, hear the resounding bounce of the ball, and feel for themselves the shock absorption, just like the players do."   

As you can imagine, when it comes to our team attending the FIBA Basketball World Cup, it is more than just installing a court and watching world basketball elite compete ... it is about business, and this is a business perk that we love sharing! 



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