#CourtsideStories with Connor Sports: FIBA World Cup Installation Story

4 years ago

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Building Staff review Techincal Plans with Connor Technical Supervisor

It's not just putting a floor in, it's the realization of months of planning. But not just any planning, planning for the world's largest basketball competition in a country an ocean away.

We are a court company and every time we show up at a venue we are putting the court together for the 1st time.  Each time in an excited city,  for a new building and partner, who is trusting us with the city's or in this case the country's pride and the sport's legacy.  This time its our commitment to deliver for the basketball community worldwide.

We were speaking English and they Spanish, but when it comes down to it, it's all arena operations and hard work. A team of people working together in unison to install a court, assuring it can live up to World Cup standards

Like all installations there is always one unique aspect of a venue. This time, the most unique part of the experience was off-loading the court pallets with a crane.  It was a process we had never witnessed before and made us a little nervous... But worked flawlessly..reassuring us,  don't worry  its ok!

From as stressful as the planning is, installation day makes it all worth it, no matter the country. The smiles and the high fives make it all worth while and despite the delivery method or the language barrier, we all have new friends.

Connor Sports QuickLock pallets getting unloaded in SpainConnor Sports Pallets Stacked and awaiting installationTeam in Granada ready to work hard!

First panels of the FIBA basketball world cup courts sliding togetherPortable Court Panels getting brought in on a fork liftArena team learning how to install a Connor Sports Basketball Court in record timeBilbao city markings in place for the 2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup

Team Bilbao celebrating their install on the hardwoodFIBA Basketball Court installed


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