#CourtsideStories with Connor Sports: Day 2 FIBA Basketball World Cup - Fan Day

4 years ago

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Croatia fans Celebrate a Victory for their Country on the #OfficialCourt of #Spain2014

Day 2 was a day for the fans. Passionate fans from around the world turned up the volume in venues across Spain to show the love of their country and their love for World Cup basketball.

Bilbao – Team USA gave us a little scare against Turkey, but the real story of the day was Finland.  Yesterday, 30 charter flights arrived in Bilbao from Finland!  Thirty!  In the 14,000 seat arena, the Finns had purchased 8,000 seats!  Although yesterday, they didn’t give Team USA much of a game, the Finish fans remained loyal.  Today, Finland won their first ever game at the World Cup level!  They hung on to beat the Ukraine 81-76.  Can’t wait to watch the rest of Finland's first FIBA Basketball World Cup unfold.

Gran Canaria: Another beautiful day on the island with 6 great teams playing on a gorgeous Connor Court.  The energy in the arena is incredible, the fans are cheering  for their country, national teams are playing with intense drive and passion.   Slovenia, Australia, and Lithuania had a great day. Great to watch #WhereChampionsPlay up close and in person!  Living the dream!

Granada - Egypt didn't offer up much resistance to host country Spain - the score was 20-2 before they took their foot off the gas - but the Spanish fans love their team, love Jose Calderon, and they love to cheer on.  Nobody left their seats and everyone had a good time as Spain put on a show. Tomorrow Spain's soft start ends when undefeated Brazil steps up to test their championship plans.  

Sevilla: Today was a day of close games and high emotions on the Connor Sports hardwood in Sevilla. Although outnumbered in fans, Croatia came away with the win against Argentina today in a packed house of Argentineans.  Children visibly crying because their country lost… The afternoon session proved equally dramatic with Senegal pulling an upset on Puerto Rico, sending Puerto Rico out with their heads hanging low. To end the day, Greece led wire to wire, but the passion of the Phillipean fans and players held steady through the end. Looking forward to what tomorrow has in store.  Even in defeat, their fans were visibly proud of their national team’s performance.

Packed House for Spain in Granada on the #OfficialCourtFinnland Fans go CrazyFinland win's first ever World Cup game on Connor Sports basketball court #OfficialCourt of FIBA

Argentina Fans Route their Team on against Croatia

Team USA pulls another Victory on the Connor hardwoodTeam USA: Coach K, Thibideau, Boeheim, and Colangelo talking Connor Sports floors.

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