#CourtsideStories with Connor Sports: Day 1 FIBA Basketball World Cup - Courtside Seats

4 years ago

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The first day of the FIBA Basketball World Cup is Complete.  Today our team has witnessed 12 games and 24 countries on our court.

Just like for the players who took to the Connor hardwood,  all of our teams' preparation over the past 9 months has led up to today.  From manufacturing to shipping to installation to game day management, the Connor Sports family will continue to work hard until the last player steps off the court on September 14th in Madrid and the last panel is placed back in its shipping container to go home.

From Grenada, Seville, Bilbao and Gran Canaria, we have witnessed a series of great games, including the first over time, a great comeback, many exciting match ups and thousands of passionate fans.  And most importantly, we have witnessed our court perform for the best players and the best play in the world.

Until tomorrow.


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