#ConnorSportsCares: Off the Streets, On the Court the 2014 Peace Games

4 years ago

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Peace Games Tip Off in Chicago

To some we are just a sports flooring company, but to our team and our customers we are much more than that. We feel that it’s important to be an active member of the community we serve, by supporting programs that strive to positively impact our youth, communities and their families. And the Peace Game is such a program, it has shown our youth how to truly be champions, both on and off of the court. That is why last Saturday, which marked our 3rd anniversary of supporting the Chicago Peace League Basketball Tournament, was a day that we will always be proud of.

What started in 2012 as a partnership with St. Sabina Church has transformed into an impactful stand against violence in the city of Chicago. The Peace Tournament's mission – to mentor former gang members achieve their purpose, by providing them an outlet through sports.

Saturday, a team from Connor Sports went in and created a place for a group of former rival gang members, to get together and play basketball against each other for peace. This year’s court featured custom temporary graphics covering the entire 50-year-old parquet court. The graphics were installed by our friends at Praters Flooring. Special thanks to them for coming in and doing such a great job.

2014 Chicago Peace Basketball League Tournament - Peace Games

“At Connor Sports they create places for athletes to play sports, this is far bigger than the floor or basketball” said Father Michael Pfleger, Chicago Peace Basketball League Founder Founder. “What this tournament allows us to do is to provide the opportunity for sports to make a difference.”

Though this Peace League starts with basketball, it takes them much farther…off the court into the classroom to complete GED classes and job training.

“We have brought 6 different gangs together to build relationships with each other,” Father Mike added. “We believe that if we provide options, if we show that we care, if we reach out and offer alternatives, we can not only build peace but we can change people’s lives.”

Father Mike isn’t the only one willing to step up, NBA stars and legends by the likes of Isiah Thomas, Joaquim Noah, Jabari Parker and Doug McDermott also came out to this year’s game to show their support and talk to the players about how hard work and dedication to something can make a difference. 

As a bonus, we also had a team from New Orleans come up and join us looking to pass the peace on to their community and replicate the Peace League. We look forward to helping them and seeing a future.

Find out more about the Chicago Peace Basketball Tournament 


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