Connor Sports Welcomes Karl Geissler to the Track and Field Team

2 years ago

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Connor Sports Track and Field Manager - Karl Geissler

Connor Sports is proud to introduce Karl Geissler as our new Track and Field Sales Manger. Karl joins Connor Sports with over 17 years experience in the track and field and sports construction industry. Throughout his career, Karl has worked with sports companies to grow their brands and connections in order to drive sales and general brand awareness. Connor Sports welcomes Karl as a new team member with a desire to grow the sport of track and field. 

Karl and Connor Sports as Champions of Sport 

Karl is committed to help Connor Sports be a champion of sports by building strong foundations for athletes and coaches on and off the field of play. Karl has a passion for the track and field industry that is demonstrated in his twenty-one years in coaching. Throughout his career he as worked with numerous athletes and coaches at various levels of competition - middle school to collegiate programs - to help propel the sport by listening to what athletes and coaches need to succeed. Part of this passion is reflected in Karl’s relationship with the USTFCCCA. Karl is not only a Level 2 certified coach for sprints/hurdles and jumps, he has also acted as a Level 1 Lead Instructor, demonstrating his ability to gather and share knowledge within the track and field community. 

Karl’s coaching background and experience in the track industry has brought insight to the Connor Sports track and field team as Karl has continued to educate our company on what assistance track coaches and athletes need to build a successful program. We know this support extends beyond the surface and Connor Sports, with Karl’s help, continues to discover ways to provide state of the art surfaces and customer support to enable athletes and coaches to perform their best.  

Karl as a Champion of Community

As a coach and member of the sports industry, Karl feels a strong sense of obligation to give back. This feeling started with his first coaching experience, as a volunteer with the Special Olympics. Special Olympics athletes taught Karl to be humble and intentional with his actions.

This humility and intentionality transferred into Karl’s first head coaching job at a middle school that served families from all areas of the socio-economic spectrum. Karl didn’t want financial hardship to prevent children from participating in sports. In order to provide all athletes with the opportunity to participate, Karl raised funds to buy shoes for the kids in the free lunch program. 

Karl is now a volunteer coach for youth sports and continues to dedicate his time to serving. Karl enjoys sharing the knowledge and experience he has gained from the sport with kids in the community.

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