Connor Sports Provides Custom Basketball Courts for Historic 2015 FIBA EuroBasket

3 years ago

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EuroBasket 2015 tips-off on Connor Sports basketball courts in ten days! This years’ EuroBasket is a historical event, as its the first time the tournament has ever been organized across four countries - Germany, Croatia, Latvia and France - and five arenas - Mercedes Benz Arena in Berlin, Germany; Parks and Suites Arena in Montpellier, France; Pierre Mauroy Stadium in Lille, France; Arena Riga in Riga, Lativia; Arena Zagreb in Zagreb, Croatia.

Cities and fans across Europe are excited about the new tournament model. By placing five courts in four different countries more fans across the continent have the chance to watch the on-court action in person. The accessibility of the games and creation of four home teams, instead of one, is adding additional excitement to the already popular tournament.

However exciting a cross continent tournament is, pulling it off organizationally isn’t easy. FIBA knows this and turned to Connor Sports for help. Last year, Connor Sports built, designed and assembled courts for the FIBA World Cup. Connor Sports was able to offer FIBA logistical help while also adding a unique element to the tournament with custom built and designed courts.

“FIBA’s experience with Connor during last year’s World Cup is the key to the answer of why we decided to continue the partnership,” Said Kamil Novak, FIBA Executive Director Europe, “From design to assembly the courts add an element of uniqueness in an event that we want to believe it is unique in Europe because of its long history and tradition and well recorded competitive spirit.”

This year, Connor Sports has again built and designed custom courts for FIBA. The EuroBasket 2015 courts are unique to the four countries they represent. Each court features colors from the the hosts countries’ flags, adding a personal touch to each of the five arenas.  

“These courts capture the unique energy of the tournament, and they will be the perfect setting for this unparalleled basketball excitement,” said Turgay Demirel President of  FIBA Europe.

With the start of EuroBasket days away, Connor Sports is assembling the the center pieces of the EuroBasket 2015 - the official courts. The court’s country specific design will hopefully unite fans around their home teams and foster a sense of pride in the host countries. Connor Sports has been awaiting the arrival of this historic event and can’t wait to see who is crowned champion of EuroBakset 2015.  

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