Connor Sports Flooring Provides Basketball Surface for First Ever “Carrier Classic”

7 years ago

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Game to be Played Veterans Day on the USS Carl Vinson
San Diego, California, Nov. XX, 2011—Connor Sports Flooring will be providing a customized hardwood basketball court for the first-ever “Carrier Classic” being played between Michigan State and North Carolina on Veterans Day, Nov. 11, aboard the USS Carl Vinson moored in San Diego.
First Fan, President Barack Obama is planning to attend the game after laying a wreath at Arlington Cemetery in Washington.
Some 6,700 square feet of Connor’s QuickLock™ portable flooring will be installed for this extraordinary match-up, said Ron Cerny, President of Connor Sport Court International.
Quicklock is the official portable court system used during the NCAA Men’s and Women’s Final Four. and will be customized with the appropriate logos for MSU and UNC.
“Connor is honored to be part of this unique salute to our veterans. It is a showcase for the flexibility and playability of our portable hardwood flooring systems,” said Cerny.
McWil Sports of Los Angeles, a Connor dealer, will be handling the installation and will be assisted in the coordination by Gary Gray, Portables Manager of Connor Sports Flooring
“We’re scheduled to put the court in place on Tuesday, Nov. 8,” said McWil’s Grant Patterson.
The court will be installed on the USS Vinson’s flight deck. Windbreaks will be erected to prevent blustery weather from affecting the game, said Mike Whalen of Morale Entertainment Foundation, the game’s founder. “The perimeter will be wrapped by a mesh material “that makes it like a cocoon,” Whalen said.
“For safety reasons the enclosures can be removed in a minute,” Whalen said. Should weather prove to be a problem, the entire system can be moved onto the vast aircraft storage deck located beneath the flight deck, Whalen added.
About 7,000 spectators are expected to attend.  The USS Carl Vinson was the aircraft carrier which transported the body of Osama Bin Laden after he was killed last May.

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