Connor Sports and the 606 Trail: Building the Chicago Community

3 years ago

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Today, the 606 Trail, named after the first three digits of all Chicago zip codes, was opened in Chicago, IL. Plans to transform a defunct railroad line into The 606 Trail began in the late 90s. In 2013, final plans were revealed and Mayor Rahm Emanuel oversaw the groundbreaking in August of 2013. The project connects four ethnically and economically diverse Chicago neighborhoods (Wicker Park, Bucktown, Humboldt Park and Logan Square) and links to six neighborhood parks at ground level.

The 606 Trail aims to provide Chicagoans with the city's first park that functions as a commuter route, a living work of art and new green space. It is designed for casual visitors, walkers, joggers and cyclists to use.

Connor Sports became involved in the 606 Trail as the project evolved to include a 2-foot-wide running track that flanks the Trail path. The new running track covers the old railroad rails, turning an old railroad line into a surface ready for recreation.

606 Trail ProTraxx install

As a Chicago company, Connor Sports shares a sense of pride with the Chicago community in the opening of the 606 Trail. We imagine the Trail to serve as a stronghold for the community where barriers can be broken, friends and families can gather and new relationships can be made. The 606 Trail welcome sign sums up exactly what we picture for this new community area, “You're on the Bloomingdale Trail, the centerpiece of The 606. It's a place where neighbors meet, folks walk, friends ride bikes and runners take off. Come explore.”

606 Trail Welcome Sign

We wanted to make sure that these interactions and activities took place on a track that is as special as the community it will serve. With this in mind, we selected a product from our Traction line called ProTraxx

Just like the Chicago community, ProTraxx is strong and enduring. The surface is a ZeroWaste product that is designed for safe, comfortable injury free training and recreation. It’s highly weather resistant, exceptionally durable material provides excellent "traction" and resiliency with its non-slip texture.

Complete 606 Trail

ProTraxx’s resiliency and durability resembles the Chicago community that it will serve. A Chicago community that “never gave in”, as Mayor Emanuel said, “They never gave up as advocates for something that used to divide communities and neighborhoods, but will now be a landmark park that actually brings neighborhoods and people from different parts of the city together.”

The 606 Trail has brought Connor Sports closer to the people and neighborhoods it serves. Today, we are happy to celebrate the opening of a Trail that will continue to unite a community and redefine what it means to gather in the park.


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