Champions Of Customers: Tips to Prolong a Track's Lifespan

3 years ago

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Connor Sports Traction Systems are built to last. To increase a track's lifespan make sure it gets the care and attention it needs. Use the following tips from Connor Sports' Champions of Customers to prolong a track's lifespan:

  • At least twice per year, a track should be cleaned of loose dirt and debris. Removal of loose debris will minimize the unnecessary abrasion caused by dirt and sand. 

  • Protective matting should be used at high traffic crossing areas and near gates and for athletes using the infield.

  • Evaluate track surface every spring for loose areas or delamination. Contact Connor Sports for guidance or help with repairs during summer weather conditions.

  • Follow a regular maintenance cycle to preserve the life of the surface, including a depth measurement every year after the track is at least three years old. Check with Connor Sports for an idea of the best procedures for renovation and cost estimates.

  • Spikes should be kept to a maximum of 1/4" pyramid spikes. Pin spikes or larger could prematurely wear the surface, especially in starting, dash and field event areas.

  • Public walkers and joggers should use the outer lanes. Lanes 1 and 2 are the most commonly run in areas and will wear significantly faster if jogging traffic is not diverted.

  • Where cheerleaders and teams congregate along the track, protective matting should be considered to avoid abnormal wear.

Let us be your Champion, learn more at or contact Brian Cole | 704.727.0638 | [email protected]

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