Champions of Sport: Connor Sports Provides Basketball Court for the 2016 Armed Forces Classic

2 years ago

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2016 Armed Forces Classic Court

Since 2012, Connor Sports and ESPN Events have partnered as champions of sport to bring a piece of home to military members and families stationed on bases overseas – the chance to attend a top tier college basketball game. This yearly tradition will continue on November 11th, as the 2016 Armed Forces Classic tips-off on a Connor Sports basketball court at the University of Hawaii in Honolulu, HI.

Armed Forces Classic Firsts

Some new elements have been added to the 2016 Armed Forces Classic. For the first time, the game will be held off base in a basketball arena with limited tickets available to the public. In addition, it will be the first time four, instead of two, teams will play at the event. This year, Indiana will face Kansas and Arizona will square off with Michigan State.

75th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor

The Armed Forces Classic is being brought to troops stationed in Hawaii just less than a month from the 75th anniversary on the attach of Pearl Harbor. The proximity to the date and location of Pearl Harbor allows Connor Sports, and other members of the sports industry, to remember history while bring a memorable sporting event to troops stationed off the main land.

A Special Thanks to Our Troops

Connor Sports is proud to share our love of basketball with troops who serve our country. We are also proud to stand amongst our co-workers, family and friends who have dedicated time to protect our well-being. Thank you to all those who act as champions of our country by sacrificing to keep America safe. 





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