Celtics Won It On A One-Of-A-Kind Connor Hardwood Floor!

9 years ago

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Boston, MA, June 18, 2008—When the Boston Celtics won their 17th national championship Tuesday night against the Los Angeles Lakers, they won it on a Connor hardwood court with an unusual history.
An oak basketball court for the Celtics was first installed in the old Boston Gardens in 1946. In 1999 the Celtics asked Connor Sport Court International to build a new court in their new home, TD Banknorth Garden.
With the contract came a request: utilize some of the original 1946 wood floor in the construction of the new floor.
“Connor used pieces of the old floor in the new construction as a way of keeping the Celtic’s tradition alive,” said Jon Isaacs, Vice President of Connor Sport Court International.
“You could say it’s a ‘new-old’ floor that was played on by such greats as Auerbach, Russell, Cousy and Bird,” Isaacs said.
The Celtics are one of a number of National Basketball Association teams playing on Connor hardwood floors.
“We were honored to have both the 2008 NBA Championship and the 2008 NCAA Final Four men’s and women’s basketball championships played on Connor hardwood floors,” Isaacs said.

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